We assess your gait disability and develop a prosthetic/orthotic prescription(s) and care plan to bring you to your ambulation potential.We make:

  • Lower limb prostheses
  • Upper limb prostheses
  • Custom long and short leg braces
  • Knee braces
  • Spinal orthoses​
  • Service and repair of all **Prosthetics and Orthotics**


  • ​Custom silicone hand and finger restoration with amazing realism
  • Upper limb prostheses body powered and myoelectric
  • Lower limb prostheses for all levels of amputation
  • Total surface bearing below knee prostheses - Harmony suspension
  • Ischial containment above knee prostheses
  • Hip disarticulation prostheses
  • Symes and partial feet prostheses
  • Silicone suction suspensions
  • Energy storing feet
  • Immediate post-operative care


  • ​Custom  fit and custom made ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) - reduced trim, solid ankle, hinged
  • Custom knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFOs)
  • Knee braces of all types
  • Spinal orthoses (corsets, body jackets, scoliosis management) 
  • Custom long and short leg orthoses
  • Sports bracing - knee, shoulder, etc.
  • Post-op braces
  • Contracture reducing orthoses 
  • Fracture bracing



Service Provided:

Care Crafters Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

Patient Care:

Call for an appointment:

Care Crafters
95 New Clarkstown Road
Nanuet, NY 10954
(845) 426-6900

Here at Care Crafters patients are accepted by referral with a physician's written prescription. Our certified practitioners are available for both on site and off site consultations with physicians and therapists to help determine the most appropriate prosthetic or orthotic device for the patient.

Throughout the course of casting, fitting, delivery and follow-up of the prosthesis or orthosis, our patients receive information and education on the use and care of the device. Questions regarding design, fabrication and function of the prosthesis or orthosis are encouraged and are fully addressed by our staff.